Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sell The Sizzle

When you are selling a product or service people need a reason to buy it from you and not one of your competitors. Why should they buy it from you? You need to make sure you are fully versed with what you are selling. This is so you can approach your marketing in different ways.

Sell the sizzle not the sausage is an old phrase that is still relevant today. It refers to the benefits not the unnecessary detail. Think of the sizzling of the sausages in a pan. That will get the taste buds tingling and foretell of the delight of eating them (if you are not a vegetarian and you do actually like sausages). If I were to detail the components that make up a sausage you would be less inclined. The example below give one demonstration of what this means.


You are buying a luxury car. Which of these would make you more likely to buy the car?

A)    It has 4 wheels. It is blue. The seats are black leather. It has a dashboard.

B)    The seats in this car are comfortable and have in-built seat warmers. The smooth acceleration will get you from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. You will travel in style and comfort and enjoy every second in the this dream car.

The points made in A are factual but are hardly inspiring. The points in B are more appealing and describe the benefits to the potential customer. By painting a picture of how the customer will feel, what they will experience, how they can benefit from buying your product or service you will reach a different emotion and can get the sale. Help them envision them using your service or product. It is a very powerful motivator for them.

Pretend you are your client. Why should you (as the client) buy from you? Why are your products/services needed? As a client what benefits would you get from using them? These benefits to the client are a strong way to market them. Will they experience the luxury of your products/services? What sensations will they feel? Comfort? Excitement? If you are selling sensory benefits then ensure your client knows that. Tell them how they will feel using your products. Consider what a customer can gain from you. Paint that picture.

Sell the sizzle NOT the sausage.

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