Thursday, 2 March 2017

Is Bigger Better?

‘Is bigger better?’ is a debate that has raged for eons. A small business looking at much larger businesses may consider they are unable to compete. Larger companies can offer cheaper products and services due to scale. They may offer a wider range of offerings. Their scale of operations may be national or international. That can be daunting to those seeking a chunk of the market. So how can small businesses compete?

Personalisation of service
Customer knowledge

With a large corporation clients normally speak to a different person each time. That person has to look at the notes. It is impersonal and I find it less appealing I have to say.

Go to your local large supermarket. Whilst I have seen some familiar faces invariably I see people I do not recognise, as I join the conveyor belt of customers through the door.
Go to your local convenience store or newsagent. You will see a familiar face, hopefully smiling. My local shops know the products I tend to buy. They inform if they are back in stock. We chat. We build a relationship.

I prefer the experience of dealing with a person. Most people do. We want trust in our purchasing choices. If we know who we buy from we are more likely to trust and enjoy the experience. This is where smaller companies can compete. They can offer a personal service that large companies are unable to. This is what customers really want.

Get to know your customers. Build those relationships. Be friendly, without forgetting professionalism. You have a chance to build a lasting relationship that the larger companies cannot match.

A personal, tailored service means you can deliver what your customers actually want. The large companies will need to compete with you. Be the one they all chase.

Bigger is not always better.
It is what you do with it and how you use it that matters.

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